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It is our basic human need to live in a comfortable surrounding in harmony with nature. For this reason, almost every apartment and every home has one or even several balconies and terraces. While designing and arranging those places a particular care should be exercised in adherence with technical standards. Coating systems for balconies and terraces are exposed to extreme adverse conditions, such as water penetrates and high temperature differences.

Unsightly patches on tiles and tile joints, chips in tiles, cracks, loose tiles, or even leaks can often be predicted during installation. Most tile failures can be attributed to incorrect installation and wrong materials, sealants particularly. Traditional sealants used with screed does not protect from above-mentioned damages. Composite sealing system used under tiles protects the surfaces from moisture and thus helps to avoid the problems mentioned.

If You are building or renovating Your balcony or terrace – call us, we offer a complete terrace system.